Back To School Effects Your Dog Too

It is that time of year again.  Early Morning Chaos. Schedules. Extra Curricular Activities. Homework....a return to or beginning of routine.  Back to School effects everyone.  Your kids, you, your place of employment, the neighborhood, commuters and sometimes overlooked, your pets.  Some people relish it others dread it but regardless of how we feel about it it is here. Here is a link with tips for keeping your dog happy and healthy during this transitional time.

 I also suggest taking this opportunity to establish an exercise routine for your Dog and kids. Simply walking together can be a great bonding opportunity for kids and dogs, as well as a way for each to get some exercise.

 School is starting again soon, that means everyone in your household will need to adjust to a new schedule - including your pets.

As your family gets used to a different schedule, now may be the perfect time to establish a new exercise routine that both your child and pet can enjoy.

Exercise is a great way for children to bond with their dogs while keeping them both healthy.

Here at Geartac Systems we are all about walking your dog every chance you can. Taking the dog with you to the bus stop is a great way to include your pet in your new school day routine.  The GeartacK9 is an awesome way to do this. Imagine being able to manage your kids, dog, coffee, phone, and whatever else you may need in a way that makes it easy and keeps your kids and dog safe while waiting for the bus to arrive or return each day.


Why it's beneficial

Dogs enjoy a regular routine and can be stressed when the family's typical activities change.

"It's not just about being alone," says Mary Majchrowski, a certified professional dog trainer, certified dog behavior consultant and owner of Bravo Dog Training in Oregon.

"It's about having something to do with their day. Dogs can't watch TV or read the paper. There are limited ways to keep them busy."

Plus, the more bored a dog is, the more likely he is to have behavior problems.

Meanwhile, obesity is a growing epidemic in kids due to reduced physical education and stationary activities like playing video games and working on the computer.

Exercise strengthens muscles, increases bone density, maintains a healthy weight and helps prevent injury.

Kids need exercise to stay healthy and so do your dogs.

Establishing exercise routines can build confidence and encourage kids to feel more comfortable being active. Adding a pet to the mix can make it feel more like play.

The Geartac K9 and our walking packages are great for the entire family. Be sure to take advantage of our Back To School Special starting 8/22 and running through next week and good luck everyone. 

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