When you first put on the GEARTAC K9 you must adjust it to fit properly. It is very important that the device hangs over your shoulder with the lower section on your walking side. The bottom spring snap must be at least down to your hip joint or lower, never above. This length is critical in the functionality of the device. The device needs to rotate freely from seven to four o'clock while walking your dog. When adjusting the device always adjust from the top and bottom and equally balance the length of the device around the quick release buckle. The reason for this is when you wear the device you always want the quick release buckle to be at the center of your chest. After you lengthen or shorten the device make sure you lay it on a flat surface and also re-adjust the top and bottom double slide locks to make the back strap of the device the same length as the front. Again you want the device to be equal in length from top to bottom with the quick release buckle in the center.


When you first go for a walk wearing your GEARTAC K9 you will want to grab your leash out of instinct, STOP!, unless it is for the safety of you or your dog. When your dog pulls or brings the leash tight, instead of grabbing it plant the foot on the side of your leash forward and lean back and let the device take the impact. You are now standing upright and are acting like an anchor. Your dog will now feel the strength you have gained in your upper body and it will cause a much tighter "snap of the leash" then if you were holding the leash and you lean forward allowing the dog to pull. This scenario can also help train your dog to stop pulling, you are showing the dog you are in control and have the strength to handle his or her weight. If the "energy disconnect" from not using your hands does not stop your dog from pulling, you always have this new stance, and added strength to handle your dog who pulls, thus helping you keep control of your dog and making your walk more enjoyable. 

We are constantly asked by our customers what do I do if my dog is stronger then myself and he or she sees' a squirrel and starts pulling me, am I going to be knocked over because I am harnessed to the dog? Our honest answer is it can happen!, we would never assume that a dog could not still pull you down even with the added strength of the device. Our answer to that potential risk is two things. One, use the quick release buckle to release from the device. Two, If you are the type of dog owner who would never let your dog go the answer has some procedures to follow. We call it the "STOP" and "DROP" principal. In the event your dog goes after something and you do not want to "let go" from the device and you know you can not stop him or her the answer is to "DROP" straight to the ground and land on your bottom or side. Sometimes a customer will question that theory, I always say falling to your bottom should be less traumatic then holding a leash and being pulled forward down to the ground and potentially damaging your arms, face and chest and being drug in that manner. When you fall to your bottom you instantly become a dead weight and act as an anchor and should make it harder for the dog to pull and harm you. This also is how you can avoid shoulder and arm damage by not being yanked forward, your whole body is your strength, not just your arm and shoulder.


Here is a .pdf visual of the adjusting instructions.