• Your Dogs Are Happy That You are Home ..They Don't Care Why

    Taking a walk is a great way to get out without foregoing any restrictions and it is good for you and your pet at any time but even more so when stress and fear are factored in. Great walking gear makes this time well spent even better.  


  • Winter Walks and Romps in the Snow: Tips for Making Winter Safe and Fun for your Dog

    We at Geartac Systems love winter but know it can be a challenge to walk your dog or even to know when or how to get them outside when Jack Frost brings the snow and ice. 
  • BFCM Thanksgiving Tips for Dog Owners Geartac News

    Just a quick post to give some tips on how to keep your pups safe this week from foods that they can not have to remembering to have their ids on in case they get out or lost in all the hub bub of family, turkey, football, parades etc. 

    We at Geartac Systems would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  We truly are grateful for your support and for the community that we have found in dog ownership and through our products.  Just a reminder, there is still time to enter our Thanksgiving contest. Send us a pic of your dog with a word on why you are thankful for them.  We will post it on our social media and whoever gets the most votes will win a Gearleash K9! Also be sure to check out our BFCM promotion on the Hands Free 3 Piece Holiday PackageGeartac Products  make excellent gifts! Hook your friends and fam up with some quality dog walking gear..they will love it!


  • Thank You ...A Letter To My Dog and Thanksgiving Contest

    “Everyone thinks they have the best dog, “ wrote W.R. Purche. “And none of them are wrong.”

    Today we would like to kick off a contest about gratitude. Specifically, why are you thankful for your dog?  I have told you some of what makes me grateful for my Darby, email us a pic of your dog to our site or post in comments there or on our IG / FB page with some thoughts.  The entry with the most likes or comments will win a Gearleash K9!  Winners will be announced the week after Thanksgiving.  We at Geartac Systems are incredibly grateful for all of you, your support and we can't wait to hear from you. 

  • November 11th Significant in So Many Ways

    To our men and women (and dogs) in uniform, past, present, and future, God bless you and thank you. Today my 11:11 wish was that every soldier who would benefit from a service or emotional support dog would have access to one ..I can tell you because it sort of came true when I checked into how much work is being done to do this, how revered and honored military dogs continue to become and how experts are learning how very beneficial dogs can be not just in combat or in service but as support for soldiers after they come home. 
  • Dog Friendly Fall Trips Pennsylvania Edition

    There are so many parks, trails, historic sites and even a Fall Foliage train ride that you can share with your dog.  Included is a list of destinations in PA that you visit but if you are reading this from afar, the site it is on has lists for places all over the country. Our motto here at Geartac Systems is Get Out and Go with Geartac. The Geartac K9 and the various leashes, harnesses and gear we offer are the perfect accessories for any destination. 
  • Today is National Cat Day

    Today is National Cat Day according to Facebook or some sort of designator of these things.  Here at Geartac Systems we design and market Dog Gear but we are proud owners of a cat who thinks he is Top Dog..Jynx.


  • October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month..How can you Make a Difference?

    At Geartac Systems, we really believe in the transformative power that dogs and humans share and we truly wish to help as many dogs as we can.  For the remainder of October, all purchases over $50 will include free-shipping and a 10% donation to The Brandywine Valley SPCA who helps so many dogs in this region and all over the country. 
  • Harness Hazards and Solutions

    Todd and I spend a lot of weekends at Trade Shows meeting Dog Owners and at Dog/Pet shows their awesome canine companions. In the last few years Geartac Systems has been able to develop solutions to address a lot of the problems dog owners are challenged with on a daily basis and it has been really rewarding. One of the products that we are most proud of is our line of dog harnesses.  Created to help dogs walk comfortable and safely, we offer a range of sizes to fit almost any dog. 


  • October Out and About Great Hikes To Take with Your Dog

    October is the perfect time of year to go exploring. We recently added a great travel pac that can be purchased as a part of a package or on its own if you already have the Geartac K9 Hands Free Walking Device and I have to say it is really great.  We had the chance to test it out on several hikes and loved the freedom and versatility it gave us when out exploring with our dog.  Below are some suggestions for amazing dog friendly hikes across the country.
  • Walk Run or Hike....Fall is the Perfect Time to Get Active

    No matter where you reside, there are opportunities to participate in activities that not only benefit you and your pup but in many instances support charity.  What a winning combo.  It could be a 5k for Veterans, a Walk for kids causes or a competitive event but having a good walking system makes a huge difference in your ability to enjoy these great activities.
  • Back To School Effects Your Dog Too

    Here at Geartac Systems we are all about walking your dog every chance you can. Taking the dog with you to the bus stop is a great way to include your pet in your new school day routine.  The GeartacK9 is an awesome way to do this. Imagine being able to manage your kids, dog, coffee, phone, and whatever else you may need in a way that makes it easy and keeps your kids and dog safe while waiting for the bus to arrive or return each day.