Thank You ...A Letter To My Dog and Thanksgiving Contest

Thanksgiving is a great Holiday. In my life it has always been a time of reflection, a time to work on cultivating the attitude of gratitude that I truly believe attracts positive change in life. I am grateful I  get to spend time with my family, for the delicious food and don't even get me started on the parade. I love it!  I'm also very grateful that I have shared the last few years with a best friend who demonstrates what loyalty and unconditional love are.  A dog that was rescued and in turn helped rescue us.  A Good Girl that helped me remember that love, being patient and most importantly that practicing kindness can really be enough to make change in the World.  Darby was not treated kindly once.  She came to us scared, anxious and cowered in fear at loud noises, certain objects and new situations. In short time, she learned to love again. I will never forget the moment that I earned her trust and in doing so, her devotion. Believe me it's mutual.  She was scared of black objects especially umbrellas and duffle bags. I don't even let myself think about why or my hatred for anyone who mistreats the defenseless, be it animals, children or the elderly will rage.  One time I was unpacking a large black duffle bag in my room. She was shaking, submissive and terrified.  I sat down in the bag and by exuding love, patience and kindness, I was able to get her to come closer. When she finally sat next me on the bag, she looked at me and in her eyes I saw the question..Can I trust You?  I answered her by saying, I swear I will never let anyone hurt you again. She relaxed into me and in her eyes I saw still makes me cry.  We have been like Laverne and Shirley ever since.  Two funny spazzy girls facing the World and doing it our way. I am forever grateful that we found each other.   

 “Everyone thinks they have the best dog, “ wrote W.R. Purche. “And none of them are wrong.”

Today we would like to kick off a contest about gratitude. Specifically, why are you thankful for your dog?  I have told you some of what makes me grateful for my Darby, send us a pic of your dog to our site at or on our IG / FB page with some thoughts.  The entry with the most likes or comments will win a Gearleash K9!  Winners will be announced the week after Thanksgiving.  We at Geartac Systems are incredibly grateful for all of you, your support and we can't wait to hear from you. 

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