The all new GEARPAC is our answer to the individual who uses a hands free dog leash system to walk, hike, travel, camp and so on, but needs a place for gear storage as well. The GEARPAC is a one of a kind sling bag that rests at the base of the GEARTAC K9 unit. The reason for its unique design that sets itself apart from any other sling bag on the market is the fact that the GEARPAC floats inside the hands free system.

The Gearpac is your hands free dog walking and gear storage


Walking a dog can present situations where a dog pulls and pulls hard! Using a traditional back pack or sling bag to hold your dog would present many obstacles. Whether it is because the dog has seen a squirrel or just walked in a different direction than you, this pulling action can create a ton of force on a conventional bag and tear it at the seems rendering it useless for restraining your dog. The GEARPAC uses the unbelievably strong GEARTAC K9 as the main restraint system which is a continuous loop of 2" Mill-Spec webbing with no seems in the strap. This strap can not break under the pull of a dog, any dog! We have designed the GEARPAC to slide over the GEARTAC K9 so it is not affected or torn apart when in use. The main concept of the GEARPAC is to provide ample storage for a days worth of gear. Whether it's food, camera equipment, training aids, hiking gear, etc. you have all the room you need. The Gearpac suites all your back pack and hands free dog walking needsOne of the most beneficial features is the hydration systems. The GEARPAC has two separate storage units for a standard 32oz. Nalgene bottles. It allows you to carry enough water for you and your dog separately! It also allows you to carry hot and cold fluids together or even use the storage pouches for other items such as food, camera, or hiking gear. The main compartment is large enough to hold a 35mm camera, phone, keys, towel and so on. It has a separate inner compartment to keep things separated and safe from damage. On the outside of the GEARPAC you have a section of Molle straps and velcro to attach essentials like water bowls, first aid kits, and so on. Last but not least you have a bungee cord fixed to the face of the GEARPAC for holding extras nice and tight! The GEARPAC is made from 1000d Cordura fabric and is 100% waterproof. All outer zippers have folded zipper guards to protect them from water penetration. Sewn with double seems and oversized zippers this pac is made to last. Included with out GEARPAC set up is the unique POWER PAD. This shoulder pad is designed at 16" long to rotate with the pull of your dog and always stay on your shoulders. The bonus and what makes it so special is the inner foam tubular section. In the event a dog pulls and puts stress on your upper body or shoulders you have an extra layer of protection on the inside of the pad to protect your from abrasion and add extra comfort. Last but not least the GEARPAC has included the GEARTAC K9 waste management pouch to the rear of the pac so you never have to worry about what to do with that dog waste!

the gearpac has awesome water bottle storage, holds two 32oz. water bottlesthe gearpac holds all your fishing tacklethe gearpac has room for all your daily hiking, walking and camping gearThe gearpac sling bag hands free dog walking system holds your dog leash and all your gear for the day


the gearpac works as a back pac for hands free dog waling