Harness Hazards and Solutions

Todd and I spend a lot of weekends at Trade Shows meeting Dog Owners and their awesome canine companions.  In the last few years we have been able to develop solutions to address a lot of the problems dog owners are challenged with on a daily basis and it has been really rewarding. One of the products that we are most proud of is our line of dog harnesses.  Created to help dogs walk comfortably and safely, we offer a range of sizes to fit almost any dog.  During our time working with dog owners to create products that they want or need, we continually saw a need for a harness that could fit the larger breeds. We made one. Owners also wanted a handle on the back and quality materials...done.  We were often told stories of Houdini worthy escapes from harnesses ...the Geartac XBody Harness



addresses this with its' unique crisscross design.  We have received a lot of positive feedback on this design and we are huge fans of the orthopedic comfort our dog, Darby, has when walking, hiking and running in her harness.  

 The GEARTAC XBODY DOG HARNESS is one of the world’s first dog harnesses that is designed with your canine’s orthopedic health and function in mind. We have had many happy customers tell us how much the harness has helped their dogs. 

  The design of the Geartac XBody Dog Harness looks and feels stylish, with unparalleled comfort as its best features. Geartac Systems has engineered this dog walking harness to fit in such a way that it will not impede upon the natural leg movement of your dog. Studies show that a poorly designed or poor-fitting dog harness can cause nerve damage, muscle strain, and cause your dog to walk irregularly. Many front pull harnesses affect a dogs natural walking gait and though it may decrease pulling it is at the expense of your dogs health and comfort.  

  Our adjustable dog harness design fits so well it will not roll or cause a misfit on your dog. The "XBody" design also makes this dog harness virtually "escape proof" the crisscross webbing design prevents the dog from backing out of the harness. The spine of the XBody dog harness allows for greater separation between the front and the rear allowing the front legs to move in a completely unrestricted action.

One of the best features of the Geartac XBody Dog Harness   in my opinion is that it sports a convenient handle incorporated onto the back section of the harness. I love the control it gives me when walking Darby or especially when I have to help her jump up into the car or help her stay calm and secure at the veterinarians' office.

Many of the owners we have had the pleasure of working with also love that the Geartac XBody Harness  is super easy to put on. Many dogs do not like having devices fitted over their head. Our design allows for two points of entry.  We love seeing how amazed people are that it goes on so fast and without a struggle

Another innovative feature of the dog harness is the front leg bumper pads located on the XBody webbing situated behind the front legs of your dog. This feature is made up of a padded foam bumper coated in waterproof plastic that stays free of moisture and prevents chaffing and soars behind your dog’s front legs.  Some of our best customers stories have been from owners of Dock Dog Diving competitors and outdoor enthusiasts who love that their adventurous water loving pups are comfortable, safe and without chafing after being in the water. The bumpers keep the webbing from staying in the crease between the front legs and the body of your dog, allowing comfort and airflow for your dog. It can also provide padding when a dog crosses over an obstacle acting as a bumper between the dog and the object he or she is crossing.

Included in this post are some links to our harness page and an article from PetMD that truly addresses why we feel that the Geartac XBody Dog Harness  is the best dog harness on the market today.

Visit us online or feel free to drop a comment, pic of your dog or any questions you might have , we always love to hear from you! 



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