November 11th Significant in So Many Ways

Today is November 11th.  It is a day wrought with meaning.  I am not a veteran.  I did not serve my country in that capacity and I would never be able to give adequate thanks to those who have.  My Dad was Army.  His brothers were in the Navy and Air Force.  His Father, Grandfather and so on as well as my Moms' Father, Brother, and Uncles were also members of the armed forces. With the help of I have found evidence that the Chathams have served as far back as the Revolutionary War. I am grateful for and proud of all of them.  My son is deciding which branch he will be serving next year after he graduates.  All who serve have my respect and gratitude.  I chose this day to be married 19 years ago, so it also my anniversary. 1111 is a deeply meaningful number in spirituality and astrology as a master number and if you know me I will often exclaim 11:11 make a wish randomly and expect those around me to do so.  It was also a way to honor my Dad who passed away before e could walk me down the aisle. Today my 11:11 wish was that every soldier who would benefit from a service or emotional support dog would have access to one ..I can tell you because it sort of came true when I checked into how much work is being done to do this, how revered and honored military dogs continue to become and how experts are learning how very beneficial dogs can be not just in combat or in service but as support for soldiers after they come home.  This week we are offering a discount to our friends and followers who served in the military and their families by offering a 20% military discount on all purchases over $50.  To get code drop us a line on this link and we will send you the discount code. The Geartac K9, our leashes and harnesses  are really worth checking out.  We find the simplicity and utilitarian design of our products really gels with our military friends and their dogs.  If you served or currently do, we would also like to hear your stories of military dogs that you worked with or know.  Let us know how a service or emotional support dog helps you or tell us what your service, working or companion dog means to you.  We will post the story on our feed.  The most liked story will receive a leash form our Geartac collection

To our men and women (and dogs) in uniform, past, present, and future, God bless you and thank you. Included is a video of a song Jon Bon Jovi wrote "Unbroken"to honor vets and their service dogs.  It is part of a film titled To Be of Service. He announced that all proceeds from downloads of the charity single will benefit the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation which is a non-profit organization that provides service dogs to veterans and first responders in need.  


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