Today is National Cat Day

Today is National Cat Day according to Facebook or some sort of designator of these things.  Here at Geartac Systems we design and market Dog Gear but we are proud owners of a cat who thinks he is Top Dog..Jynx.  When we first got Jynx five years ago he was a little bundle of black fur with big green eyes who was named Mustang because he had managed to get himself into the engine of a Ford while trying to elude capture and got himself stuck.  Luckily for this black cat, he was in the parking lot of strip mall that had a pet store and the very caring staff searched high and low for the cars owner and rescued him from the engine covered in oil.  A few weeks later on Black Friday we put in an application for the mischievous kitten and he found his furever home a few days later with us. Todd and his Dad are car enthusiasts, Todd owned a Mustang at the time and Great Grandpop had a long career with the Ford Motor Company so we felt it was destiny!  It was agreed that his name would change though..he needed a magical name befitting a black cat and Jynx, a perfect moniker was picked. He has since grown into a very large 19 pound bundle of joy (according to my son Griffin and I) or nightmare (if you ask Logan or Todd). Cats like dogs pick their humans and those two were not on the list...don't let them fool you though..we all love Jynx very much and he tolerates us.  When we decided that it was time to add a dog to our home a couple of years later, Jynx voted no and he is still protesting our decision. He and Darby have struck up a frenemy relationship though that is sometimes loving and very sweet.  Like when they fight for the coveted spot next to me on the couch only to decide that they will sun themselves together in the other room or when Jynx makes his mad dash outside and Darby stands close by making sure he is ok. We have thought about possibly using the Geartac K9 Hands Free Walking Device and attaching a light lead to Jynx so that we could walk him but haven't tried it yet.  Do any of you walk your cat?  If so I'd love to hear about it. With Halloween coming up this week remember to take extra care with your cats so they don't get out.  As an owner of Black Cats all my life I honestly do not believe that people often try to abduct black cats for for some sort of sacrifice...if they do they are psychopaths not witches or satanists as they are revered by them but some people do adopt them or steal them because of their association with the occult and superstition.  That being said guard all your pets well everyday and until next time let's give some recognition to the cats who make our lives more interesting.  I honestly think that for cats National Cat Day is everyday as they were once revered as Gods in Ancient times and they have not forgotten. Feel free to share your cat/dog friendship pics or stories.  We love seeing them. Hope you and all your furry friends have a great day.

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