Walk Run or Hike....Fall is the Perfect Time to Get Active

Anyone who knows me understands that Fall is my favorite season.  The crisp morning air, Halloween, hoodies, hot coffee and the beautiful palette of color that Mother Nature paints for us every is the best.   It is also the best time to get out with your dog and get active.  No matter where you reside, there are opportunities to participate in activities that not only benefit you and your pup but in many instances support charity.  What a winning combo.  It could be a 5k for Veterans, a Walk for kids causes or a competitive event but having a good walking system makes a huge difference in your ability to enjoy these great activities.  For instance, running belts are simply not ideal.  The orthopedic strain they place on your spine and the probability of getting injured are greatly increased with the unpredictability of anchoring a dog to your waist.  If your beloved pet sees a squirrel or even decides to head in a different direction, it can cause a host of issues, all of which end up in injury for you.  The Geartac K9 hands free walking device is a great option for any outdoor activity.  Having your dog attached, following leash laws and your hands free to manage it all is something you have to experience. It is a game changer. For runs however, we have added a running belt that secures the Geartac K9  in a more fixed position while retaining the orthopedic advantage of a cross body system.  In the event that your dog pulls, your spine, hips and lower back are still protected.  The runners in the picture featured here are a perfect example of this. 

In the background of this image notice how the womans' hips and spine are twisted when her dog pulls.  It is just so bad for your alignment. Our Geartac K9 running package is available now. Charity walks, 5ks, Canicross, Dog Friendly Obstacle Course Races, Hiking, Running Clubs etc., if you want to do it it's there for you and the Geartac product line was created with you and your dogs health and safety in mind. Below is a link for just some of the events happening soon in PA and there is a link on the bottom of that page for events wherever you may be  I truly hope you take advantage of these events and the awesomeness that is Autumn.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or with pics of you and your Dog enjoying the outdoors.



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