Dog Friendly Trails on Tap Comes to the Schuylkill River Trail

 If you live in an area like mine that has access to great trails for hiking with your canine companion, you will understand how awesome it is when dog friendly events are encouraged.  I live near Valley Forge Park and have access to some awesome paths courtesy of the Schuylkill River Trail.  Recently Trails on Tap started operating Beer Gardens that are dog friendly along the path.   Around the country people are taking to the trails to get the exercise they and their dogs need to be healthy.  Hiking with our dog has been so great for her and the family.  Spending time outside is proven to increase not only your physical health but your mental health too.  I am a bit of an introvert and do not drink but I love the idea of having social events structured to include our canines.  Anything that encourages people to get out and experience the beauty of whatever area they are residing in can be beneficial.  If you are planning to take advantage of the trails here in PA or around the country, especially for events like this or in any of our state parks, remember you have to have your dog leashed.  I understand that many feel having their dog off leash is part of the freedom of the great outdoors but it really is the owners responsibility to be cognizant of leash laws, their fellow humans in public and to be considerate to other dogs.  Our products are perfect for hiking and being out in public with your pet.  Designed to allow your hands to be free while having your dog on leash, they comply with leash laws and help make your experience so much more enjoyable.  Imagine a day on the trails and then sitting down to enjoy your favorite beverage without having to worry about how you will manage your dog!!  Your hands are free and your dog is safe.  Check out our Geartac K9 Hands free walking really is a game changer.  Happy Trails and have fun!  Hope to see you out there and we would love to see pics of you and your pups enjoying the great outdoors...feel free to share them with us.


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