Happy Fathers Day

Have you ever taken a walk with your Dad?  You know just walked and talked?  I know that relationships within families can range from super close to heartbreakingly distant so I am not here to lecture anyone about how they should live but walking with my Dad is one of the little great big things that we did together and i miss him.  I learned a lot about my Father and conversation flowed.  My Dad loved few things but he loved his dogs and he loved me.  I wish he were here to see what we have made to make walking dogs more enjoyable.  It may have encouraged him to spend more time walking his best friends Sammie and Hunter.  We are offering a discount today on our Hands Free Walking Package, Units, Leashes and Harnesses in honor of our Dads and yours. Wishing everyone a very Happy Fathers Day!

awesome dog leash, harness, and  hands free units

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