It's Not Just About Dogs...Fireworks and your Pets

I published a blog about dogs and fireworks earlier this week.  I wanted to take a minute and highlight all of our or pets's not just about our dogs even though it is proven that more pups run away today then any other time of the year.  Many of us here in Chester County PA have horses, rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, etc.  They are also very effected by sound.  The loud explosives frighten and disorient them.  Here is another quick video and article about pet safety.  Keep ALL of your pets safe and calm this Fourth of July. We are offering a product discount today to celebrate the birth of our great nation please check out our site Geartac Systems .  Our products are great for having your pup out and about although we strongly caution against bringing them to fireworks .....Happy Birthday America!!!  PS..being a little snarky using a British video here lol..Happy Treason Day Colonists hahahahaha.  Have a great 4th of July!!

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