July Fourth Fireworks and Furry Friends

Happy almost 4th of July! The Fourth is not one of my favorites for personal reasons but i do love fireworks and especially sparklers.  Having grown up with animals and veterans though, I am very aware of how terrifying it can be for my loved ones.  I am not trying to rain on anyones' parade, in fact one of my favorite life mottos is , "Im not in the parade I am the Parade" I just have the mindfulness to understand that my dog has no idea how much fun celebrating our Nations' independence is with explosives and pyrotechnics ...poor girl. I have included a clip from our local news affiliate here in Philadelphia, ABC with some great tips for pet owners on the Fourth of July.  It is documented that more dogs run away and get lost on this day then any other day of the year.  It doesn't have to be tragic though.  We can absolutely help keep our best friends safe and happy and still enjoy The Fourth of July.  We are offering a promo for the holiday so you can take advantage of a discount on our products, especially the XBODY HARNESS. With its' orthopedically designed system and top handle, it is the perfect product to give your pet comfort while offering you the piece of mind that you can easily hold onto your furry friend no matter what situation arises. To all my vet friends and followers, this post is about pets but I know The Fourth isn't always fun for you ...We want you to know we see you, we get it and we will help educate people anyway we can. Have a Happy Holiday All!

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