Our Dog the Protector...Family Fire Safety

This morning I was awakened at 5 am.  I did not need to or want to get up at 5 am.  The kids are not in school, there are no buses to catch, I didn't have any early clients and the weather has been, lets just say crappy. It was 5 am and my dog was in need of attention though.  She was running from my side of the bed to Todds and I nudged him and said, the dog need to goes out.  Any couple with dogs knows the back and forth that goes on for a second now..ugh you do it you ..omg she has to go lol, we have all been there. Lucky me,  my husband got up and took Darby downstairs. They came back, we settled in ahhhhh sleep on a rainy morning what a luxury, we fell back to sleep  A little while later Darby who does not sleep on or come onto our bed came over to Todd and put her paw on the bed.  He brushed her away, undeterred she put both paws on the bed and nudged him, not aggressively like she needed to go out but calmly and forcefully. She made a sound that said I need your attention now and she would not be deterred and we realized that one of the smoke alarms was beeping.  She was alerting him to a problem and would not rest until he checked the house and changed the battery.  Our dog heard the alarm and reacted. It is not the first time she has heard it, I am a terrible cook;( ,  but she knew it meant danger and made sure Todd was up and that there was not threat to her family.  We hear a lot of negative press about our dogs' breed. She is an Am Bulldog/ Am Staff Pitbull and she is honestly the best dog we have ever had.  She is a guard dog, protective, loyal and so loving. She is truly our guardian and best friend and we adore her.  Todays incident made us think about fire safety, a topic we don't like to dwell on but one that demands our diligence and attention.  We reviewed our safety plan.  Do you have a plan for your family?  Does it include your pets?  Here is an article from the Red Cross with some tips for Fire Safety for your pets and links to articles for you and your family.   Be prepared is a great motto and we are thankful to our Darby for keeping us safe and reminding us to keep our batteries charged and to have a plan.  Happy Thursday all..have a safe day.





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