Take Me With You ...Travel Tips for Hitting the Road with Your Dog

It's Summertime!!  The weekends are often full of adventure and vacation travel.  If you're hitting the road with your canine companion, be sure to bring along essentials that will make your trip successful.  Vacation and travel are for less stress and mess.  Be prepared and it will be.  Here are some quick tips and if you are like me and need a checklist we have provided a basic one..feel free to add items personalized for your pup and don't forget your Geartac K9!  It really changes the game when you are hands free hiking, on the beach or boards (where allowed) and walking in new environments..  Have an awesome weekend and feel free to drop me a comment about where you're heading this weekend/summer, pics of your dog living the good life on vacation or any travel tips that have worked for safe and Have FUN!!!!!


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