geartac power pad oversized shoulder pad designed of neoprene for comfort on your geartac k9 hands free dog walking unit


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After two years of promoting the GEARTAC K9 hands free dog walking device we have decided to create the POWER PAD. We firmly believe that a shoulder pad is not always necessary for comfort, the light weight and 2" width of the GEARTAC K9 is a very comfortable and unobtrusive system. With this in mind there are times when your dog might lunge after a squirrel or a passer by and tension may place a bit of pressure on your shoulder or the main webbing of the device might rub against your neck. If you find this a discomfort the POWER PAD is your answer. We have created a specially designed shoulder pad that is 16" long so it rotates with the GEARTAC K9 and will always remain on your shoulder. It also has a slot in the center so the top D-ring can still be used to hang your device after a long walk by the front door! Last but not least, the most exciting feature is the 1" tubular foam edge on the inside of the pad. It provides the "POWER"  to protect from that jolt and feels super comfortable. The foam tube is only on one side because like the GEARTAC K9 the device is ambidextrous and we want it to be as light and unobtrusive as possible!