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GEARLEASH EXTREME is our newest addition to the GEARTAC product line. After a year of field testing adjutsable dog leashes we have re-designed the best dog leash as we know it. This leash has five very unique points that make it different then any other dog leash for running, walking, hiking on the market today. Plus the added bonus of it being made of MILL-SPEC materials MADE IN THE USA.
  • 3/4" ROUND ROPE STYLE HANDLE and 1" MILL-SPEC WEBBING MAIN SECTION all in one continuous piece.
  • 1 1/2" METAL RING IN THE HANDLE to connect to your GEARTAC K9 or anything else at the handle end of your leash.
  • ADJUSTABLE MAIN SECTION, adjusts from 4' to 6' using 1" Mill-Spec tube webbing and  1" metal Mill-Spec "double slide locks".
  • 1" D-ring at the base to convert the lower section of the leash into a CHOCKER COLLAR or connect another leash for walking multiple dogs.
  • Ability to use the 1" Mill-Spec double slide locks to create a LOWER HANDLE at the snap of the leash for grabbing your pup and brining him or her close to you!